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OneLeg Chair 32 cm Lime with Black


€52.85 ex. VAT

OneLeg 32cm  can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is weather resistant, impact resistant and easy to move around. 

OneLeg 32cm  provides a dynamic and active sitting position that benefits children from approx. 3 to 8 years of age, both at home, at work, in daycare and in school (depending on the height of the desk). 

Once you sit on a OneLeg you will be astounded by your improvement in core strength and focus. Research has already proved that the use of a OneLeg stool improves concentration and promotes calmness.

Inlcuded are 1x  lime green OneLeg 32 cm Chair, 1 x  black anti slip base and 1 black silicone seat cover.

If OneLeg is to be used indoors or on other smooth or delicate surfaces, the anti-slip device must be mounted on the stool's foot.  (included).

The silicone seat cover (included) provides extra comfort and security to enable the user to lean and tilt on the stool without the risk of sliding on the seat.

Due to the  risk slipping, it is advisable not to use the stools, with or without anti-slip, on very wet or greasy surfaces.

Product Code ONE011
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