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Sing to Me - Pre-Schoolers CD

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All ‘sing to me’® songs are:

  • about every day things children do (or you wish they would do) – cleaning teeth, packing toys, sharing, winning, losing  etc
  • original songs sung in an Australian accent
  • slightly irreverent and often funny
  • short, catchy and easy to learn (assessed based on actual responses of children)

What they are not:

  • Nursery rhymes
  • Dance music (though children do like to dance to it)
  • Sweet and gentle lullabies (well there is one lullaby that snuck in there)

Instead it is a collection of practical, but slightly mad songs about things at the centre of little children’s lives, poo, food, shoes and socks, prams, nappies, baths, mistakes…..

Why that’s good:

Nearly all children love two things, songs and the people big enough to sing them to them. These songs are written to help you interact with children. They work best when you sing them, even if you can’t sing to save yourself. And because the songs are about things you do all the time with children, you get plenty of chances to sing them. Plus they may actually know what you are talking about and hopefully learn a few things along the way.

Singing to children can help them:

  • remember things
  • relax
  • bond with you
  • develop language and neural skills
  • and have fun
  • 31 Songs
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