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Secret Code


€14.63 ex. VAT

A strategy game for two or more players, with two levels of difficulty.

Using deductive reasoning and logic, the “decoder” has to break the “secret code” made up by the other player, in the least amount of tries. Then it’s the first player’s turn to create a combination of colours as complex as possible so that it can’t be decoded.

The illustrated leaflets included show the different levels of difficulty of the secret code, which may be made up of 4 or 5 positions, using the 8 colours available.

Suitable for ages 7 to 99


  1. 2 beginner sheets
  2. 2 expert sheets
  3. 1 pegboard
  4. 80 pointpegs
  5. 280 pegs
  6. 4 pinpoint nails
  7. 1 awl
  8. 1 code board

Product Code SEC003
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