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Visual Transition Tool

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Visual countdowns are useful, they are practical tools to be used by both the child and adult.

1 x Visual Transition Tool Board (210x210mm) with Spinner
4 x numbered plastic disk tiles
1 x end task tile
6 x mini dry wipe board tiles (45mm square)
1 x fine line dry wipe board marker
1 x instruction sheet

Age: 3 years +
Use under adult supervision

The tool indicates either how much time is remaining in an activity for instance countdown from 4 minutes until the activity is finished.  Or... supports the child to understand how many items remain to be done within the activity i.e. 4 more left, 3 more left etc...  Or... the tool can just be used as a simple countdown to indicate the activity or session is coming to an end
The final segment tile indicates ‘end task’ or the final activity to be done within the session i.e. ‘tidy up’ or ‘put away’ There is no specific time allocated to a task and the system allows for flexibility. Depending on the individual requirements of the child, the final card or symbol can represent the next activity to support transition i.e. ‘lunchtime’, ‘numeracy’ or ‘choose’The tool comes with four numeric tiles 4,3,2 and 1 and also the 'end task' tile.  There are also a further 6 mini whiteboard tiles in the kit allowing you to make your own symbols or write your own words.


Product Code VIS006