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Developing a Positive Sense of Self - Book B


Book B (Understanding My Relationship with Others) focuses on beliefs and attitudes students may have about themselves. The activities in this book help to strengthen students sense of personal well-being.

Topics include:

  • Great Ideas for Helping Your Students Work Successfully Together
  • What is a Friend?
  • Listening to Others
  • Sharing Tasks
  • Being a Thinking Thinker
  • Solutions
  • Thinking About Others Positively
  • Who’s Like Me?
  • Knowing Me Knowing You
  • Co-operative Decision Making
  • Teamwork
  • Being Honest
  • Relationship Rules
  • No Put Downs Allowed!
  • What Makes A Leader?
  • Helping In The Community
  • Buzz Off Bullies!
  • Getting On With Others
  • Thought for the Week
  • Our Classroom Guide
  • Awards

Age Suitability: 8-10

Product Code DEV014
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