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Alpine FlyFit Earplugs


€13.82 ex. VAT

Wearing FlyFit earplugs during flying regulates troublesome pressure on the eardrums during takeoff and landing.

The filters operate like valves and ensure gradual and constant pressure equilibrium between the external environment and the middle ear. Thus, the Eustachian tube has sufficient time to acclimatise to pressure variations.

In addition, the special acoustic filters in FlyFit earplugs offer protection against annoying ambient noise. The earplugs facilitate rest and relaxation during long flights, but are also very suitable for using during bus, train and car journeys.

The lifespan of the earplugs depends on frequency of use. Keeping the earplugs clean will extend the lifespan. The earplugs can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap.

Alpine’s innovative earplugs are made from thermoplastic material specially developed by Alpine: AlpineThermoShape. This material adapts to the shape of the ears so that the earplugs fit the auditory ducts perfectly. You are guaranteed a comfortable fit without unpleasant pressure on your ears. You are assured that the earplugs remain in the right position, thus providing optimal noise reduction. ATS contains no silicone, thus causing no allergic reactions.

Alpine Pluggies Kids (ALP025) earplugs are available for younger children who experience earache during airplane travel.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Product Code ALP029
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