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Calmer Pro


€53.66 ex. VAT

Reduces noise related stress & sensory overwhelm - without isolating you from sounds you want to hear.

Very helpful for those with: sensitive hearing, hyper-sensitivity to sound associated with autism, hyperacusis, misophonia, noise related stress & other hearing conditions.


Perfect for…

• Parenting

• Travelling

• Working

• Studying

• Focusing

Anywhere you'd like a calmer environment.


What does Calmer Pro do?

• A clever gadget that reduces
stressful frequencies without muffling sound.

• Soothes sound sensitivities & helps you feel calmer.



• Comfortable soft-touch silicone. Washable & reusable.

• Soft silicone outer with precise aluminium core

• Tested by the ISVR: University of Southampton.

Product Code CAL012