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A Game for learning to identify facial expressions from icons and associating them with photos of real expressions.

Using this game you can work with numerous aspects of children’s psychological development: - Identifying different expressions, gestures, emotions, feelings or states of mind.

Imitating gestures, expressions, emotions, etc.

Enlarging their vocabulary to describe emotions.

Oral expression by means of descriptions and stories using the photos as inspiration.

Visual-motor coordination on handling the cards and putting them together correctly.

The skills of identifying, grouping and classifying the characters depending on their facial expressions or emotions.

Developing attention and observation skills at an early age.  

Content: - 50 CARDS of 9 x 9 cm in thick, compact cardboard, divided into:

∗ 10 MASTER CARDS with a RED BORDER containing a line drawing of a child with 10 different EXPRESSIONS: 1. Happiness 2. Surprise 3. Anger 4. Sadness/crying 5. Winking 6. Sticking his tongue out 7. Blowing out cheeks 8. Shouting 9. Sleeping 10. Giving a kiss

∗ 40 CARDS with a BLUE BORDER containing these 10 expressions made by four different people: a little boy, a little girl, a man and a woman.  

Recommended for ages 3+

Presented in a sturdy green plastic carry case for easy storage (size 23.6 x 18.7 x 7.2cm)

Instructions Included

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