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Swirl Needoh


€3.25 ex. VAT

Schylling’s Swirl Nee Doh is the swirly version of the Classic Nee Doh fidget toy. Nee Doh recently shot to fame on TikTok with over 150 million views and is now a squishy favourite amongst kids.

Swirl Nee Doh is made from a non-toxic, dough-like material that always bounces back to its original shape. The bright colours can be squished, squashed, pulled and smushed. Ideal for on the go fidget toy fun or as an anxiety reliever.

Swirl Nee Doh further helps children to focus and pay attention - the squashable material is ideal for little fingers to play with. Perfect for safe, stretchy fun. Ideal as a gift or stocking filler. Suitable for 3 years +.

Swirl Nee Doh - product features:

  • Swirl Nee Doh
  • Ideal fidget toy
  • Available in orange, green or pink
  • Colours vary and are chosen at random
  • Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material
  • 3 years +
Product Code SWI022
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