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Glow, Stack & Build Texture Tower and Wooden Pole


€150.41 ex. VAT

Integrate ICT into children's construction play with these light up rechargeable discs.

Encourage children to shake the discs to light them up, allowing them to experiment with cause and effect.

The textured design provides an additional sensory appeal, while the tactile properties allow children to grip and manipulate the discs.

Children will love placing these varying textured discs on to the central post.

Supports children's schematic interests as they roll, thread and stack. Includes docking station for recharging.

Discs are made from silicone and plastic. Pole is made from wood

Docking station is L34.5cm x W17cm x H8cm. Discs 15cm diameter x 4cm thick. Pole is H30cm, 15cm diameter base. 5 rings and docking station

Suitable for ages 10 months up

Product Code GLO008
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