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Water Flutes


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Discover sounds and tones with these musical water flutes.

Tub time is symphony time! Help little ones discover musical notes and sounds while in the tub.

These five water flutes can be filled with varying amounts of water to create different tones.

Try water flute fun outside of the tub, as well.

Little ones can follow along with the instructions to learn simple songs

Suitable for 3+.

Size: Approx. 19 X 2.5 X 2.5 cm

Instructions: • Tune your Water Flutes by filling with water. • Dunk the flutes under water. Empty out any extra water until you have filled them to the right level. • Tune the flutes either to the squares or circles. These shapes correspond to the circles and squares on the song sheets. • Wet the music sheets and stick them to the bath or tub wall and play songs by following the colored notes. • To drain, push the the bottom cap up and twist as shown (right). Hang your flutes in the holder and let them dry. 

Product Code WAT001
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