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Color Library - Sport & Leisure


€48.78 ex. VAT

96 cards illustrating sport and leisure to enhance communication skills.

A popular choice for everyone, the cards can be used as a starting point for conversation or to sort them into their different categories. This can be done on various levels of difficulty, for example, 'Show me the game of tennis', or 'Which one needs a ball?'

The categories are:

  • Adventure Sports - such as ballooning, rallying, water skiiing
  • Team Sports - such as football, cricket, polo
  • Individual Sports - such as tennis, fencing, running
  • Hobbies - such as cycling, fishing, gardening
  • Pastimes - such as chess, music, reading
  • Entertainment - such as art galleries, sightseeing, watching TV.

Age: 3+

Product Code COL046