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€129.95 ex. VAT

After using our Bee-Bot® with younger children, there is  Pro-Bot®, the floor robot which could be used for teaching more advanced control techniques.

Using the on board screen and buttons, program Pro-Bot® to include various inputs as triggers such as the sound and light sensor.

Explore advanced control techniques and use the screen to program on the device!


-              Operate independently or alongside your PC with our software

-              Accepts programming arrows or write more complex commands

-              Routes can be drawn using our simple pen mechanism and a felt tip pen

Key Features include:

  • Bright attractive car design, with child appeal
  • Robust and durable to withstand everyday use
  • Can operate independently or alongside your PC with our software
  • Can be used simply by programming arrows or accepts more complex commands
  • Routes taken can be drawn using our simple pen mechanism and a standard felt tip pen
  • Fully functional headlights using light sensors
  • Bumper sensor
  • Built-in Sensors

    • 4 sensors already built-in
    • Program the Pro-Bot to behave as you want whenever sensors are activated
    • Front touch sensor
    • Rear touch sensor
    • Light sensor
    • Sound sensor

    Simple To Use

    • Easy arrow keys work just as on the multi-award winning Bee-Bot
    • Built in Rechargeable battery
    • LCD panel to display and edit your programs
    • Simple connection to PC to upload and download programs
    • Patented pen mechanism to enable drawing the trail on the floor
    • Easy to understand sounds show acceptance of commands and when running your programs
    • Remembers its program even when switched off

    LCD Display Panel

    • Displays 16 lines of 8 characters
    • Shows your program as you type it
    • Edit your program on the Pro-Bot itself, no need to keep using a PC or starting all over each time
    • Highlights every step as it runs so you can see what each command does
    • Complete menu system to enable configuration and program changes

    Logo Language

    • Simple to understand basic Logo commands. Just use arrows to move one Pro-Bot length or turn 90 degrees, no need for numbers
    • Program as many steps as you need (over 100 allowed)
    • Most commands can take a numeric parameter up to 999 if you want. So move forward up to 999 cms in one command, or rotate up to 999 degrees in one command.
    • Use up to 40 procedures - including pre-programmed sequences
    • Call the procedures from anywhere in the program, even from other procedures
    • Repeat loops allow you to repeat any sequence of commands or procedures up to 999 times

    PC Interface

    • Connect to any PC via the USB cable provided with the PC software
    • Develop your program on the PC then download to the Pro-Bot
    • Or even develop/modify on the Pro-Bot then upload to the PC to show the rest of the class
    • Individual pupils or groups can develop different procedures that can be combined either on a PC or on the Pro-Bot to run together. One group could develop the petals, another the leaves and another the stalk. Combine them to make a compete flower
  • Product Code PRO020
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