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Splash Water Shooter Tube Animal 51cm


€6.82 ex. VAT

These Splash Water Shooter Tube Animals are easy to operate, all you do is put the head of the shooter into the water and pull the handle quickly to fill it up as quickly as possible. Then pull the handle to shoot! 

The Shooter Tubes are colorful and designed with fun shark and crocodile features, making these water guns the best toys for children in this hot weather. 

These fun Shark and Crocodile Water Shooters can hold lots of water compared to the small water guns, and can also shoot and spray water long distances.

Water guns can beat the heat and make hot summer days a total blast! The water shooters are a great way to entertain many kids at once at children parties. Perfect to share with friends and family at pool parties, beach outings, bath time and backyard play times.

Product Code SPL005
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