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Bubble Tube 100 x 15 cm With floating Balls


€134.15 ex. VAT
  • SENSORY STIMULATION: The combination of color changing bubbles, moving beads, and gentle hum make this bubble lamp the ideal sensory product that stimulates the senses and creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for children with autism, special needs, or ADHD. Secure your bubble tube to the wall to prevent accidents and spillages with qcompatible bubble tube bracket (available separately).

  • NEW WIDER MODEL DECORATIVE DISPLAY: With an added 5 cm in diameter, this bubble tube gives off an impressive look. Beads get carried up a chamber in the center of the tube by the bubbles, they then free fall gracefully  around the column. The mix of translucent beads being carried up and floating down creates a beautiful display both in color and movement. Use this water led bubble tube to enhance the décor of your living room, bedroom, playroom or even your office or waiting room.

  • EASY TO USE: To set up the bubble lamp, simply fill the column with water, insert the beads and plug in. Use remote control provided to turn on/off and to select the perfect color. LED lights are bright and energy efficient, making them cost effective to run.

  • BEDTIME ROUTINE: The streaming bubbles in harmony with the moving beads and soothing background hum makes this bubble tube tank the ideal setting for calming your child to fall asleep.
  • Make your bubble tube as stable as possible with a 15cm Bubble Tube Bracket (BUB061)
  • Dimensions 100 x 15 cm

  • Remote control included.
  • Must be used under adult supervision at all times. This is not a toy.


    • Please note - product requires distilled water to function as intended 

      Empty your Bubble Tube about every six weeks and refill it with fresh clean water.   If de-ionised (distilled) water has been used then this will only need to be changed every 3 months.

    Product Code BUB077
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