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Bubble Tube Kit with Fibre Optics


€1,203.25 ex. VAT

This wonderful kit includes our Large Bubble Tube (180 cm. tall), a new imrpoved fitted Padded Surrounding (Size: 100 x 70 cm) for it and a Bracket (15 cm. long) in order to keep the Bubble Tube stabile and Fibre Optics.

A perfect addition for any sensory room or classroom.


  • 1 Large Bubble Tube (180 cm. tall)
  • 1 Padded Surrounding with removable lid (Size: 100 x 70 cm) for Tube Centre Back Position as shown in image
  • 1 Bracket (15 cm. long) 
  • Fibre Optic 200 Tails 2 m Long
  • Fibre Optic Light Source 45w 30mm Connection

Power Source: Mains


Weight: Approx: 23 kg.

To be used under Adult Supervision always. Due to Small Parts Not Suitable for Ages Under 3

Change water  regularly.

Product Code BUB068