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Rush Hour Junior - Currently Unavailable Until 2023

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Younger players can experience the fun and challenge of the award-winning Rush Hour game in this exciting junior version.  Just like the classic Rush Hour game, you shift the blocking cars, trucks and buses in their lanes - up and down, left and right until the path is clear for the ice-cream truck to escape.  If you get stuck in a jam, the complete move sequence solution is printed on the back of each challenge card - have a quick peek and start again.  

Rush Hour Junior has 40 challenge cards with four levels of difficulty:

·         One scoop of ice-cream for Beginners

·         Two scoops of ice-cream for Intermediates

·         Hot Fudge Sundae for Advanced level

·         Banana Spit means you're an expert.

Especially designed for kids, Rush Hour Junior provides hours of educational fun which helps with problem solving skills and develops critical thinking skills.  This game makes an ideal travel game, as it comes complete with a Game Go bag for easy storage.  Rush Hour can be enjoyed by one player or various players competing.

Contents: 15 traffic jam cars, trucks, buses and fire trucks, 1 cool ice-cream truck, 1 traffic grid, travel bag, 40 beginners to expert challenge cards, instructions and tip book

Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 22.9 x 6.4 cm

Suitable for ages 6+ 


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