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Interactive Mirror Chimeabout combines mirrors and small bells with gentle spinning motion – providing visual, auditory and tactile stimulation in one robust toy..

12 smooth plastic-backed mirrored chimes hang from smooth wooden pegs

Small bells attached to each mirror provide gentle jingling sounds

Spinning motion helps to engage user

Made in the UK

Suitable for all ages

Can help to develop fine motor skills including hand eye co-ordination


As witnessed in fairgrounds for over a century, mirrors can provide a sense of wonder for people of all ages by providing alternative views of the person looking into the mirror and their immediate environment. A mirror’s ability to refract and reflect light can create fascinating visual effects for the user.

The Mirror Chimeabout is specifically designed to encourage users of all ages to interact with the mirrors - providing visual delight, as well as auditory stimulation afforded by the small bells that jingle softly when moved.

The size and sturdy construction of the Mirror Chimeabout make it a popular addition to any environment designed to stimulate fine motor skills and cognitive development. Children and adults with a wide range of developmental issues including Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also referred to as dyspraxia, and cerebral palsy may find this interactive toy interesting.


Dim.23 x 20 cm

Use under adult supervision