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Large Adjustable Weighted Blanket with interchangeable weights

200 x 135 cm (6 1/2 x 4 1/2ft) and 6 kgs (13.2 lbs)

The calming weight is contained in our uniquely designed tamper proof pockets ensuring even weight distribution across the blanket for maximum safety and effectiveness.

Designed to be used on top of your childs normal bedding - it's only cotton so won't make it too hot. 

We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional before using the blanket

Fire Retardant Adjustable Weighted Blanket Covers, (WEI124) (making them look like an ordinary duvet) also available .

Weighted blankets can help:

Promote a calming effect

Encourage relaxation and better sleep

Provide and safe and effective therapeutic solution

Prevent melt-downs and repetitive behaviours

Relieve anxiety and stress

Ease transitions

Use under adult supervision.