Bubble Tube - 130 cm - Colour Changing - with Fish and Bracket

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LED colour changing Acrylic Bubble Tube with a set of plastic swimming fishes.

Bubble tubes are perhaps the most distinctive accessory in multi-sensory environments, whether it is in a calming room or an interactive room, the array of changing colors and moving bubbles gets everyone attracted to its relaxing effects.


The colour changing LED lights illuminate and send a variable steady stream of bubbles up the tube, making the coloured fish float.


It is important that this product is placed on a level surface and where it will not be knocked over .

We strongly recommend to make your bubble tube as stable as possible please use the bracket, included. (BUB060)


Ideal for homes, schools, sensory rooms, and children's bedrooms 


131 cm High, Silver base measurements 21.5 x 21.5 cm. Tube Dia 10 cm.

Power connection 230V, LED-colour changer, on-off switch

Must be used under adult supervision at all times. This is not a toy.

Please note - product requires distilled water to function as intended 

Change water regularly - every 4-6 weeks.