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Accessing The Curriculum For Pupils With Austistic Spectrum Disorders

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This book explains ways to open up the curriculum to pupils who have autistic spectrum disorders.

The particular difficulties experienced by pupils are discussed in direct relation to specific areas of the curriculum including core and foundation subjects, PSHE, citizenship and broader aspects such as break times and assemblies.

Many pupils with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) have difficulties accessing the curriculum due to problems including lack of understanding of meaning, organisation, sequencing and problem-solving.

Students with ASD require consistency and structure to enable them to make sense of concepts such as what work, how much work, what to do and what is next, regardless of the curriculum subject.

This book shows the reader how Structured Teaching can enable pupils with ASD to access the curriculum in a meaningful way and offers many practical strategies to facilitate this process.

The book should benefit those on specialist autism courses, all providers of autism-specific training and the many teachers and teaching assistants working with autistic pupils who are asking for this guidance.

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