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The educational content of this material is based on the LOGICAL and SEQUENTIAL ASSOCIATION between each of the series of 3 photographs. The objects, people and situations represented in the photos are easy for the child to identify and name and also determine what they do/are for. The series recreate situations and experiences from everyday life which are familiar to the child’s environment and enable the child to become aware of the FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIP that unites them.

It is also an excellent means of DEVELOPING LANGUAGE and using the VERBS that correspond to the actions represented in the photographs. The “before-during-after” association develops an internal mental process that enables the child to establish a sequential relationship in time and discover the logical and temporal order in which things happen (SPATIAL-TEMPORAL REASONING).


- Incorporation and development of basic vocabulary.

- Encouraging logical thought processes and spatial-temporal reasoning.

- Acquisition of the ability to relate objects functionally.

- Interiorisation of the sequential order of things.

- Introduction to using abstract thought (acts as a basis for establishing mental associations and taking the first steps from concrete thought to abstract thought).

- Development of a capacity for observation, whether of the objects themselves or their characteristics and functions.

- Learning to form suppositions and explanations for possible relationships between objects.

- Improving psychomotor coordination by handling the cards and putting them together correctly.  

The game comprises 68 cards with photographs representing objects or scenes that are familiar to the child’s environment, for forming 34 pairs by association.:

- Broom / dustpan - Toothpaste / toothbrush - Roll of film / camera - Shoes / shoelaces - Orange / juice - Walkman / headphones - Plant / watering can - Balls of wool / needles - Wood / fireplace - Television / remote control - Lamp / bulb - Milk / cereal - Toast / jam - Money box / coins - Torch / batteries - Trousers / belt - Knife / fork - Blackboard / chalk and rubber - Guitar / music book - Pencils / pencil sharpener - Paintbrushes / watercolours - Stapler / staples - Net / basketball ball - Skates / helmet and knee protectors - Table / chair - Football / football boots - Drum / drumsticks - Key / padlock - Bucket / space and rake - Glasses / glasses case - Gloves / hands - Whiteboard / felt-tip pens - Dog / dog food and bone - Racket / tennis balls

This list is given purely a guideline, as the teacher can use contextual synonyms according to his/her own criteria (e.g. money box / coins; piggybank / money, etc.).  

Suitable for ages 3+

Presented in a Blue Carry Case 

Instructions included

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