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Becoming a STAR Detective!

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The STAR Program is designed to teach children and those involved in their care psychological techniques to improve self-control and prosocial competence. The program employs cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) principles and uses a child-centered approach to teach attention skills, emotional control, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills to children aged 8-12 who have cognitive, behavioral, social or emotional difficulties.

This workbook is given to the child upon joining the program with sections for each group session and individual exercises to be completed between meetings. With games, helpful tips, activities and extra space to personalize the workbook with notes and drawings, this is an essential companion for children participating in the STAR Program.

Paperback / softback 
2017, 9.69in x 6.81in / 246mm x 173mm, 128pp 

Product Code BEC004
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