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Brain Box My First Pictures

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The cards do not have words, just pictures for observation and memory. Suitable for 4+.


The Game:

BrainBox Pictures is the youngest of the range helping children recognize objects and names of items from household, holiday and everyday scenes.

The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a dice.  If the question is answered correctly, the card is kept and the person with the most number of cards after 5 or 10 minutes is the winner.  This simple concept can be played by all ages and in large groups as well as a 1 person game.

Inside the magnetic cube box, it contains:

55 playing cards

1 rules card

1 sand timer

1 dice


Why buy a BrainBox Game?

-They are fun to play.

-We care!  Our games are ethically sourced and made from recycled/recyclable materials.

-Gameplay is tested in family and school enviornments.

-Multi-levels mean that adults and children can play together.

Please note, the title of the game may  vary ( My first pictures or Pictures - the content is identical)

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