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Calmer by the Water - DVD

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A relaxing nature DVD designed to help stress, anxiety ,dementia ,autism and other sensory issues. Enjoy the sounds of nature without voices or music to distract you.

Be taken in an instant to magical calming places by the water. Let the sights and sounds of babbling brooks, wildlife birdsong and the seashore relax you.

Be peaceful and tranquil as you watch dancing light on rippled water through the different hues of new green leaves. Watch new born cygnets, grey and fluffy, in their secret leafy nest. Then their first swim with proud parents to a stream on a beach to suck fresh water from rich green weed.

Witness young seals playing in the sea with their mothers, be a silent observer of tiny new born ducklings waddling with their mother through undergrowth. Then down to the river bank, to take their first swim, struggling over little outfalls and then resting and preening in a cave on the riverbank.

Escape watching ancient wooden sailing boats making their way under sail in timeless fashion. Sit in a varnished day boat watching as you silently sail down the river under jib with the sounds of water slapping against the hull. Be lost in deep mysterious pools and see lush green forest coming down to the water’s edge. Sit on the seashore and watch and listen to the waves until the moonlight washes over the sea. Let all your senses delight in the sights and sounds of nature.

Running time : 1 hour

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