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96 cards of furniture and household items to enhance communication skills.

Ideal starting points for conversation or an excellent sorting activity. Questions can be asked at various levels of difficulty, for example ‘Show me the TV’ or ‘Which one is for cooking the food?’ The categories are:

  • Living Room - such as armchair, house plant, TV
  • Kitchen - such as broom, cooker, washing machine
  • Bedroom - such as bed, mirror, wardrobe
  • Bathroom - such as bath, toothbrush, bathroom scales
  • Office - such as printer, telephone, bin
  • Garden & Shed - such as lawnmower, deckchair, barbecue.

Beautifully updated with clear and modern images, this set is a core resource for vocabulary work.

All ages


96 cards 105 x 148 mm + booklet, boxed.

Product Code COL037
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