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  • Doddle 3 Piece Cutlery Sew
  • For children aged 12 months+
  • Supports little ones instinctive self-feeding behaviour
  • Encourages development of the pincer grip, needed for learning to draw and write
  • Short ergonomically designed handles makes controlling cutlery easier
  • Allows child to develop skills and make the successful transition to adult cutlery

Doddl Knife:

  • Revolutionary item helping to transform children’s meal times
  • Innovative design supports the child’s hand and wrist whilst they learn to cut through food
  • Blade of the knife is very effective at cutting food but completely safe to use
  • Specific design of the handle mimics the correct grip for successfully using adult cutlery

Doddl Fork:

  • Bright colour contrast and the unique shape of the handle encourages ‘pincer’ grip – an important development milestone
  • Fork prongs are functionally sharp but certified safe
  • Handle easily rotates in child’s hand so they can switch between scooping and stabbing food

Doddl Spoon:

  • Handle sits comfortably within the child’s palm
  • Much easier to grip and control
  • Metal utensil helps with transition onto adult cutlery

Product Dimensions: 11 x 12 x 3 cm

Product Code DOD001