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DuoSpoon (Pack of 2)

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DuoSpoon™ is a must for your collection of oral exploration motor tools for children who have sensory challenges.  

Children love to mouth the friendly, flexible silicone sensation bumps and speed bumps of this tool.

Once the child is interested in the texture of the tool, it easily becomes a bridge into purees and from purees into textured foods.  

Use it as a dipper to pair the child’s favorite smooth purees with the DuoSpoon™.  

The DuoSpoon™ can also be used as an aid to help increase upper lip activity and food removal.

The DuoSpoon was created to support treatment for children with oral sensory and motor challenges. It is used as an oral sensory exploration tool, as a dipper, or as a tool for facilitation of specific oral motor responses. It is not intended for independent feeding. It is another option on the continuum of therapeutic options in the treatment of children who have eating challenges. As an oral exploration tool!

Many children are challenged by some of the sensory aspects of mealtimes and have grown worried or very cautious about spoons, textures and the presentation of foods. The DuoSpoon provides unique flexibility that allows friendly oral exploration. Children can gently chew, lick, suck and play with this exploration tool which has a texture more similar to a familiar toy than a traditional firm spoon. The "sensation bumps" and the "speed bumps" provide unique sensory experiences as the child explores the DuoSpoon right side up, sideways, or upside down! The lips and the tongue can each become friendly with the texture differences.

Many children will be more comfortable with the Duospoon, or any therapeutic tool, if allowed the opportunity to explore it independently before adults present it with therapeutic intention. As a dipper! Once a child is comfortable exploring the sensory aspects of the DuoSpoon, it can be used as a dipper to present new food tastes.

When the child has demonstrated a comfort level and an interest in the DuoSpoon, adults can offer flavors or texture tastes. Some children initially feel safe with only a flavor added…without texture …and others are comfortable with tiny tastes of a puree. Flavors can be offered by dipping the tool in a liquid such as juice or broth, rubbing it on a food such as meats, cooked veggies or fruits, or by using flavor drops or sprays. Gradually, puree tastes can be offered in tiny amounts and, with confidence, larger amounts.

The DuoSpoon can then become the dipper for offering repeated puree tastes. The familiar puree offered on "sensation bumps" or "speed bumps" turns the simple puree into a texture experience. For those children who are very cautious, the DuoSpoon can become a bridge to food texture transitions. 

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