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Emotion In Motion

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This resource combines music, movement, drama and art to explore a range of emotions. Includes music CD, work cards and storage bag.

This resource will help you support children in their understanding of emotions, both their own, and in identifying emotions in other people.  These activities will help children find ways of using their emotions constructively, even those we think of as negative emotions.  

Emotional knowledge is the ability to detect signals of emotions in people’s expressive behaviour and facial expressions.  Children develop the ability to name and match emotional expressions from the age of 2 to 9 or 10 years of age.  Once children are able to label emotions it then enables them to talk about their feelings.

 A child’s ability to understand their emotions, to talk about them, and their ability to read the signals of other people will give them the valuable skills to develop personally, socially and emotionally, and will also affect their academic performance as well.

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