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Emotions Double Sided Hand Puppets plus CD


€48.78 ex. VAT

Set of 6 glove puppets (four of which are reversible with two different faces) plus an MP3 CD containing a recording of 2 full stories with music and dialogue.

Staging the stories with the glove puppets helps children to learn about emotions so they can recognise them in the future.

Each story lasts around 10 minutes. The CD includes several languages as a support for teaching other languages.

The CD allows teachers to portray the stories without having to tell them: simply put on the CD and move the puppets according to the instructions in the script.

It couldn’t be easier or more practical! 

The main objective of this material is to provide teachers, parents and therapists with an instrument to use in the classroom to explore the theme of recognising emotions.

It is considered important for children to recognise colours, numbers, letters, etc. but it’s just as important for them to know how to describe our feelings.

Putting a name to something we feel but can’t see is difficult, even more so for children, for whom something that can’t be named doesn’t exist.

Knowing what it is we feel and recognising how other people feel is an essential aspect of coexistence.

We recommend you read the script of each story thoroughly, listen to the CD, and do a rehearsal with the puppets.

Packed in a clear Display carton for easy storage - size 32.5 x 23.5 x 9 cm.

Also includes educational guide and instructions, activitties for working on emotions, sheets for colouring in and scripts of the stories.

All puppets are only washable by hand and we do not recommend using an Alcohol-based cleaning agent.

It might be possible to wash them with a gentle hygienic detergent.

Product Code EMO011
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