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Escape from Anger Island


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It is difficult to teach children anger management skills, but it can be done with patience and practice.  Escape from Anger Island™ is designed with the busy counsellor in mind, and it can be played in just 15 minutes.  There are six skills in total, and one skill is the focus of each 15 minute session.  Kids can play multiple times to learn all six skills.

Players start on Anger Island.  As they move around the board, their goal is to avoid the ferocious dinosaur that is chasing them and escape to the island represented by the skill they are learning.  There are six islands, each representing one of the anger control skills.  The six skills are:

• Problem solving     • Knowing your hot buttons   • Self talk

• Reducing Stress      • Talking out conflicts           • Relaxation

The game also includes a reproducible Anger Management Checklist and a Skills Record (to keep track of which players have practiced which skills), and a facilitator booklet with complete lesson plans, suggested activities for practice between sessions, and questions for discussion.

Escape from Anger Island™ is a fun and inventive way to help kids learn about anger — especially when time is limited.

Playing time:   15 minute sessions (up to six sessions)

Suitable for 6-10 yrs.

Learning Objectives — Players will:

1. Learn six anger control skills.

2. Learn to stop and think before they act aggressively.

3. Learn to focus on helping themselves, rather than hurting others.

4. Build confidence in handling situations that tend to provoke anger.

5. Improve their ability to get along with and keep friends.

6. Develop improved frustration tolerance.

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