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Fascination Spinner (Available End February)

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What can you do with this Fascination Spinner? Twirl it. Twist it. Spin it.

Rotate the wand and watch as the iridescent mylar strands create an optical illusion of an ever-changing bubble.

21 cms long

For ages 3+

   One toy, multiple ways to play:

1. To create a circular shape, hold the base of the stick upright and rotate in one direction.
2. To create a double bubble, hold the base of the stick upright and rotate left and right repeatedly.
3. To create a fireworks image, point the stick downwards and rotate quickly in one direction.
4. To create a rose, hold the base of the stick upright with one hand and gently slide the mylar to the top of the stick, then gently rotate the stick in one direction. Unfurl the rose by rotating the stick in the opposite direction.
To prevent knotting at the top, do not “go wild” when spinning.
If you do end up with knots, push the bottom towards the top and untangle each knot by lifting it over the top. Then go easy.
Product Code FAS005
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