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Feelings Resilience Cards - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

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It is useful for children and young people to understand emotional awareness so that they can play to their strengths, improve on weaknesses and know how their actions can affect others. The Feelings Resilience Cards are a useful resource that comprise of many activities and role-plays to aid young people in emotional awareness and guide them through difficult feelings.

Activities and role plays include:
Emotional Awareness – knowing your  own feelings
Empathy – reading the feelings of others
Managing Emotions

The Feelings Resilience Cards pack contains:

  • 54 full-colour cards
  • A comprehensive booklet

Benefits of the Resilience Cards:

The Resilience Cards help young people to develop their emotional intelligence, understand and acknowledge their own feelings, and read verbal and non-verbal cues from others. Suitable for all ages, they can also help children to reflect on their learning and identify signals when their motivation lapses.

Age: 3 years +

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