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Fidget Busters

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Are you looking for effective ways to link physical activity to learning in your classroom?

Would the children you work with benefit from using engaging brain breaks and energisers?

Fidget Busters will provide you with a wealth of stimulating activities to connect movement and learning, and will help you to create greater opportunities for children to be more physical in their routine learning. All the activities involve minimal resources and disruption, and the majority may be used within the confines of the classroom.

Suggests activities that connect movement and learning. Activities can be done in the classroom with minimum resources and disruption.

Fidget Busters is divided into three sections, each starting with a short introduction. The first of these is ‘Shake and Wake’, with activities to help children wake up and refocus. The second section is ‘Active Bodies, Active Minds’, with activities that link movement to a selection of curriculum areas. The final section is ‘Simmer down to a Frenzy’, with activities to help overexcited children calm down in order to listen, or to reflect quietly over a particular lesson objective or event.

Written by experience authors, Fidget Busters will enable you to combine physical fitness and kinaesthetic learning, helping children to be physically active, to play, learn and have a great deal of fun.

About the authors:

Sharon Drew is an independent occupational therapist with many years experience of working with children. She lecturers is a range of subjects relating to special educational needs, including Early Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD/Dyspraxia) and physical skills development in the early years.

Liz Atter is a specialist physiotherapist who has worked with children with special educational needs in health and education settings for over 25 years. She is a clinician, lecturer and consultant with a particular interest in participation, inclusion and physical activity.  

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