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Five Senses Game

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Throw the dice and match the different real life situations with the relevant sense organ that appears on the dice.

Containing 50 photographs illustrating the senses on 10 (duplicated) master-cards with a photograph illustrating each of the five sensory organs (red borders) and 40 cards illustrating perception situations representing use of the five senses in real-life situations (blue borders). 

The photographs illustrate perceptive experiences related to each of the senses and develop functional knowledge of the different sensorial organs.

They encourage the development of the skills of description, expression and verbal fluency, as well as recognising and interpreting the use of the five senses.

The contexts, situations and characters represented in the photographs are familiar and similar to those which the child is used to.

This game is an excellent medium for:

  • Language development, increasing vocabulary and the use of verbs corresponding to the actions represented in the photographs. 
  • To increase knowledge of the importance of the functions of the 5 senses and the sensorial organs.
  • To encourage the development of basic vocabulary.
  • To improve psycho motor coordination through manipulation and pairing of the cards.
  • To foster the development of observational skills, as much in terms of the actions, as the characters, situations and objects represented on the cards.  

Card size: 9 x 9 cm

Presented in a sturdy cardboard  carry case sized 23.6 x 18.7 x 7.2 cm

Instructions Included

Age: +3 years

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