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How to Identify & Support Children with Speech & Language Difficulties


A guide to identifying children affected with language difficulties, giving practical advice on their support.

Every primary classroom is likely to have at least one child with some degree of speech and language difficulty. Here, Jane Speake offers a straightforward guide to identifying the children affected and a wealth of practical advice on support. Incorporating the Afasic Checklists - easy-to-use tests for use by the non-specialist teacher.

This book will:

-Give you an overview of the various types of speech and language difficulties.

-Offer clear guidance on when to refer to speech and language therapy for assessment.

-Clarify the various roles played by education and health services professionals and parents and how to work together for effective support.

-Give you practical ideas for supporting the child in the classroom and strategies for tackling specific areas of difficulty.

About the author:

Jane Speake is a speech and language therapist and manager of Cambridgeshire PCT speech and language therapy service. She is the author of many published materials for speech and language therapy and lectures nationally to teachers and SLTs.

About Afasic:

Afasic is the UK charity which supports children and young people with speech and language impairments and their parents or carers. They also provide support and information to the professionals working alongside children with speech and language difficulties.  

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