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How to Support & Teach Children on the Autism Spectrum

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Children with autism have very different thinking styles. This book explains the principles that underpin successful teaching of these children.

Most schools have at least one child on the autism spectrum – and teaching these children presents a very particular challenge that requires special understanding from everyone involved. As well as offering a valuable insight into the nature of autism, Asperger syndrome and other associated conditions, this book includes:

-Clear principles for appropriate testing.

-A positive approach to developing relationships with socially and emotionally detached children.

-A wealth of strategies and activities for developing skills in the areas of engagement with others, communication and creativity.

-Practical advice on supporting children on the autism spectrum in a school and classroom environment.

- Ideas for training and supporting those who work with children with autism.

About the author:

Dave Sherratt (PhD) has been teaching children on the autism spectrum for more than 20 years. He has lectured and published on autism in many countries, and tutors in autism at Birmingham University, UK. He has also worked on Highland’s Autism Outreach Advisory Team and is currently headmaster of Scoraig 3-14 School. His research interests include the play and early social-communication of children on the autism spectrum.  

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