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Interview Challenge Game


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Interview Challenge® is an educational board game designed to teach important job interviewing skills. In the game, players compete to give Paula, a fictitious job applicant, the best advice on how to succeed in her interview. In the process of playing the game, players learn eight vital skills for successful interviewing, as well as seven major types of questions and how to answer them. The game contains many excellent answers to typical interview questions that students can use as models for their own answers. Preparation for the interview, interacting with the receptionist, and other topics are also covered.

The eight interviewing skills are:


1. Be Prepared
2. Be Positive about Self and Others.
5. Match Your Strengths to the Job.
7. Stress Personal Qualities (such as responsibility).

2. Show You Care.
4. Say What You CAN Do.
6. Support Your Position with Facts.
8. Use Body Language Effectively.

The seven major types of questions are:


1. Direct request for Information.
3. Questions on Weaknesses
5. Follow-up questions
7. Broad, open ended questions

2. Questions on strengths.
4. Hypothetical questions.
6. Stress Questions

Interview Challenge® is excellent preparation for mock interviews.

Suitable for 14 yrs- Adult.

SCANS Skills Addressed:

   Foundation Skills: Thinking Skills, Personal Qualities, Basic Skills
   Workplace Competencies: Interpersonal Skills, Information, Systems

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn eight important interviewing skills.

2. Learn to identify basic types of questions asked in an interview
    and how to answer them.

3. Learn about related issues, such as guidelines for dressing,
     dealing with the receptionist, and follow-up letters.

4. Learn how to stress their own strengths while answering questions.

5. Learn how to be persuasive in oral communication.

6. Learn how the job interview moves through stages from rapport
    building to the close.

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