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Kaleidoscope with Glitter Wand 15 cm


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Kaleidoscopes have an amazing ability to make us see colors and shapes in different ways; they move and transform before our eyes, transporting us into shifting worlds of color and light that are beautiful and unique.

The Kaleidoscope is a remarkable object; it is a tool for the artist, a child’s toy; its name is often used for children’s centers around the world because of its association with joy and wonder. Interestingly, now it is also beginning to be used as a tool for understanding mental disorders. 

To view a kaleidoscope you must firstly sit absolutely still and this is followed by visual stimulation, which is of a positive nature. The person’s intellect is stimulated as the colors and shapes change, and their imagination is stirred. 

Sufferers of mental disorders and those who have formed addictions often benefit from color and art therapy, as these offer a way of connecting to emotions through color or paintings, and often the result is a form of catharsis that takes place in the sufferer’s mind.

This type of therapy is useful for those who cannot communicate their feelings to another person in a verbal way. Art and color allow visual communication instead and this has been beneficial for patients on a global scale who are suffering from depression, anxiety and other disorders.

Dia 15 cm x 3 x 13 cm

Age:@ 3 years +

Assorted colours

Product Code KAL006
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