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Logo-Bits Cards for Oral Motor Speech Therapy

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Use these orofacial practice cards to help children correctly position their lips, tongue, jaw and palate, to enhance the coordination and strength of their orofacial muscles. 
• These muscles are used in speech articulation, phonation, chewing, and swallowing, among other functions. 
• Set of (72) 11.6 x 8.3 cm photo colour cards, in thick cardboard. 
• A great tool for speech-language pathologists and speech therapists.
• Orofacial praxis cards are used in Myofunctional Therapy (TMF) which is especially recommended to achieve proper coordination of the tongue and facial muscles. 
• The Logo-Bits Method was developed by an expert speech therapist, specializing in language and communication disorders.

Age: 4 +

Product Code LOG002
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