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Lotto: 72 Animals

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This educational material allows you to work with the pictures and words either separately or by linking the pictures with their corresponding words, making it possible to develop the child’s INTERNAL LANGUAGE through MENTAL ASSOCIATION.

“Recognition” of the PICTURE, “association” with the SPELLING (word) and PHONETIC EXPRESSION (sound) all constitute a fundamental practice for increasing VOCABULARY in a natural way as well as providing an excellent READING exercise which encourages the child’s LANGUAGE to evolve.  

CONTENTS:  12 large rectangular cards (18 x 12 cm) + 72 small square cards (5.5 x 5.5 cm.) + 72 stickers with the names of animals in various languages. The cards contain a total of 72 photos of different animals (6 pictures per card).  


- Enriching basic vocabulary.

- Initiation to reading and writing.

- Autonomous relational learning. Acquiring the ability to relate pictures with words.

- Improving and encouraging internal language, a necessary stage before acquiring language on a social level.

- Developing observation skills, in terms of both the pictures and their characteristics and their corresponding spelling.

- Discovering the child’s immediate environment through the photographic images.

- Acquiring vocabulary in other languages, making it possible to communicate with people from other cultures.

For ages 3 years+

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