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Luckydent Pacifier


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The constant sucking of general pacifiers, as well as thumb sucking, can lead to deformation of the soft jaw of the infant.

The flat shape of the Luckydent pacifier supports the natural swallowing and drinking  reflex. This process has a calming effect in conjunction with the positive molding of the jawbone.

LUCKYDENT® - Pacifier

 Ideal for swallowing by innate reflex.

Positive effect on forming the young palate.

Adaptable perfectly forms to each individual mouth.

Dishwasher safe, can be sterilized up to 275°F / 135 °C .

Hygienic because no gaps.

No risk of oral injury.

Complies with international standards (EEC, FDA).

Function of LUCKYDENT® Pacifier

When the mouthpiece touches the top of the tongue, swallowing is triggered.

This causes the tongue to press the mouthpiece to the palate.

While swallowing the tongue pulls the mouthpiece backwards.

Thus the shield of the pacifier is pressed against the lips and the pacifier is fixed in the mouth without biting or sucking.

The baby does not have to learn this because swallowing is instinctive and innate.

Advantages of LUCKYDENT® - Pacifier

The pacifier stays in place due to the swallowing reflex.

The pressure of the tongue on the palate makes for a perfect form of the palate.

 Even when the mouth is open, the baby is able to hold onto the pacifier with the top of the tongue. Thus the pacifier cannot fall out of the mouth.

The soft shield prevents injury of the lips in case of accidents.

The whole pacifier is only one piece of material, thus there are no gaps where germs can hide.

After heating the pacifier you can form the device with your fingers, so it can be individually adapted.

After immediately cooling with water the new form is fixed.


 Look for traces of damage

 Do not bring in contact with oily or fatty food - (except when they are in the aqueous phase)

Do not bring in contact with acidic fluids.  Do not use as a teething ring.


The pacifier is available in 1 size for babies up to 6 months (dentition).


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