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Magnetic Polydron Set


€48.78 ex. VAT

This set contains 12 squares and 20 triangles and comes with a poster to guide and initiate play.

With over 100 magnets, it is ideal for small groups or individuals, allowing children to explore shape, space and magnetism in one exercise.

The pieces are coloured black on one side with bright colours of red, yellow, green and blue on the reverse.

The pieces will join together when the polarity is correct in line with the colours. 

Children will play for hours, experimenting with different shapes, building various models and constructions.

Manufactured from hard wearing plastic.

Contents:  12 Squares, 20 Equilateral Triangles and a Poster

L x W x H (cm):  17 x 9 x 6

Suitable for age 3+

Set of 32 pieces.

Product Code MAG045