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Managing Anxiety At School


This book contains a series of 18 topics that can be used to support students in developing a repertoire of responses for managing feelings of anxiety and fear before they get out of control.
Students will learn to understand what triggers their feelings of anxiety and also learn how to control these feelings so that they do not become overwhelming. They will learn to pay attention to the physiological and psychological processes they undergo when they experience anxiety and learn skills, including positive self-talk and slow breathing, to calm themselves down.

The material in this book can be used:

— with all students as part of the Health curriculum
— by specialist staff such as guidance counsellors, or behaviour support workers on an individual basis with students
— with small groups of students working with a teacher aide.

This book contains comprehensive background notes for teachers
and a range of easy-to-use supporting activity sheets for students.

Age: 11 years +

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