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Maxi Memory Cultures


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To exercise the memory using real-life images on large cards.

To develop attention, observation, discrimination, grouping and classification skills.

To improve visual and spatial memory.

To enrich the vocabulary.


1. Memory: Lay the cards out face-down. Take turns to turn the cards over. If they make a pair, leave them upturned. If not, turn them over again in the same place. The winner is the person with the most pairs.

2. Vocabulary: Name the images shown on the cards.

3. Language structuring: Form sentences containing the images shown on the cards.

4. Association and classification: Form associations and classifications with particular characteristics that are common to two or more images. 


The game comprises 34 thick, robust and very hard-wearing high quality cards. Cards measure 9 x 9 cm.

Description of cards: 1. Hawaiian girl 2. Chinese woman 3. Filipino boy 4. Western girl 5. Western boy 6. Cuban boy 7. African Muslim man 8. African girl 9. Indian woman 10. Korean boy 11. African woman 12. Jamaican man 13. Vietnamese woman 14. Arab man 15. Indian boy 16. Indian girl 17. Indigenous girl

RECOMMENDED AGE: From 2 years  - 103

Product Code MAX008
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