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MohuPatch (Brown Bunny) Faux Fur


€20.32 ex. VAT

MohuPatch – Brown Bunny is a 16 x 23.5 cm tactile sensory patch that may be used to calm or alert. The soft luxurious surface yields and moves gently in any direction when stroked. The furry texture is backed and bordered with 100% cotton. This MohuPatch is perfect to carry in the hand or keep in a backpack so that the user can benefit from its re-assuring textures wherever they go. Please note shades of colour may vary.

MohuPatch is more than a portable texture patch it is also a developmental tool. Under the guidance of an Occupational Therapist the MohuPatch range may be used as developmental tools and part of a sensory diet whether it is used with MohuComfort or on its own.

How to use with MohuComfort:

Hidden in the four corners of each centre panel of every MohuComfort are discreet snap fasteners. These allow the user to attach MohuPatch textures. When MohuPatches are added to MohuComfort the user’s tactile sensory experience will be enhanced in a way that suits individual needs and tastes. Use the MohuPatch range with MohuComfort to experience a range of textures that can both challenge the user and develop sensory integration skills.

Product Dimensions: 16 x 23.5 cm

Machine wash at 30 Degrees, do not tumble dry, iron only on the back on a cool setting.

MohuPatch is suitable for all ages.

MohuPatch has been tested to European standard EN71.

Product Code MOH005
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