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Nana's manners Cutlery Blue

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The Stage 3 cutlery sets are for children ready to co-ordinate their left and right handed movement together when eating. The stage 3 range is designed for reception and primary school aged children who are wanting more independence at mealtimes (3 years to 9 years).

The stage 3 sets promote independence at mealtimes whilst making learning to use a knife & fork enjoyable for little hands. Our independence range with ergonomically designed handles, makes the use of this cutlery intuitive. These are the last sets your children will need until they are ready for adult sized cutlery.

Colourful stickers can be used to guide little fingers for the first few uses so children can grasp the products use simply.

Made from quality stainless steel with BPA free handles. Nana's Manners cutlery aids growing children, making mealtimes easy and stress free.

The patented tri-grip design works the smaller groups of muscles in the hands encouraging and supporting fine motor skill development. Essential for learning to write, improving hand-writing, colouring, buttoning, fastening and tying! 

Our special edition matt silver set gives a magical look to every table setting. This set is a lively, unisex colour for every table setting.

This cutlery set is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


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