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Pancake Pile-Up™


€17.89 ex. VAT
Pile up your pancakes in this relay race game!
Fast-paced relay race game that the whole family can enjoy!
  • Create a pile of pancakes matching that on the activity card
  • Develops recognition skills as players select the correct pancake
  • Game play helps develop orientation & mobility goals and physical therapy
  • How to play:
    • Separate into two relay teams
    • Turn over an order card to reveal a pile of pancakes
    • The first player in each team select the first pancake on the card and race to place it on their plates
    • A relay continues until the whole pile is in place and matches that on the card
    • Pancakes can only be carried using the plastic spatulas
  • Game box includes: two plastic spatulas, 10 soft plastic pancakes (6.5cm diameter, five flavours), two plastic pieces of butter, 10 order cards, two cardboard plates and instructions
  • for 2+ players
  • suitable for ages 4+
Product Code PAN030
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