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Pixel Art Princess Snow White-Rapunzel

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Pixel Art allows you to make beautiful portraits of Snow White and Rapunzel with the famous Quercetti pegs.

Choose one of the two photo styles, cut out the pattern cards, and place them on the boards.

Then all you have to do is insert the pegs!

The pegs come in only six colours, but when observed from the right distance, they mix and as if by magic turn into a picture with thousands of colours and shades, just like a photograph.

The box contains all you need to create a portrait of your favourite princess and impress everybody with a magic 

Suitable for ages 6+

Box size: 32 x 40 x 7 cm


  1. 6400 pegs
  2. 4 pegboards
  3. 1 Grid
  4. Brochures with 4 cards and instructions to create Snow White's portrait
  5. Brochures with 4 cards and instructions to create Rapunzel's portrait

Product Code PIX002
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