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Preschoolers Acquiring Language Skills - PALS 1 and PALS 2

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Preschoolers Acquiring Language Skills, Book 1 (PALS) and Book 2 (PALS-2), is a comprehensive program that works with young, at-risk, or language delayed children in improving language skills. This dynamic program incorporates parent education, as well as small group intervention. Children and parents participate in thematic lessons that encourage expressive and receptive language improvement.

Each giant, pick-up-and-use, 3-ring binder package includes:
  • Thematic units complete with –
    • Sample lesson plans
    • Reproducible song lyrics
    • Suggestions for theme-related snacks, stories, finger plays, movement games, sign language, vocabulary, and phonological activities
    • Art patterns for nametags, bulletin boards, crafts, and more (15 units with PALS and 17 units with PALS-2)
  • 2 audio CDs- with familiar, theme-related songs and chants (4 CDs total with 188 songs)
  • Activity ideas galore to improve phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics
  • Parent handouts on topics that include language development, facilitating language through play, and autism
In PALS, you'll get units like mealtime, families, farm animals, and teddy bears in the 463 pages. In PALS-2, you'll get units for all four seasons, holidays (like Kwanzaa and Christmas), sports, pets, birthdays, and more in the 492 pages. Hard cover binders.
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